DevOps consulting for JBC Soldering Co.

17 February, 2016

DevOps consulting to manage the lifecycle of your software and firmware

collaboration CSA accenture

Teaching DevOps in the Accenture DevOps Academy

4 January, 2016

DevOps teacher for European Accenture teams

Teaching La Caixa

Teaching DevOps to the Computer Services of La Caixa Bank (SILK)

25 November, 2015

DevOps teacher for Computer Services of La Caixa Bank (SILK)


Immfly consultancy in Continuous Integration and DevOps

10 September, 2015

Training and consultancy in Continuous Integration and DevOps for Immfly.


Adopting DevOps?

13 July, 2015

Few benefits of adopting DevOps in our company


Provisioning Docker container with Ansible

8 June, 2015

How to provision Docker containers using Ansible Playbooks.


Nginx proxy for a Jenkins container

25 May, 2015

Mapping ports to access local containers through VirtualBox, Vagrant, Ubuntu and Docker


Finished the 2nd edition of the course AGILE IT MANAGEMENT: SCRUM, DEVOPS, LEAN IT

15 May, 2015

Teaching practical DevOps in the course “AGILE IT MANAGEMENT: SCRUM, DevOps, Lean IT” for the UPC School of Barcelona.

collaboration m2m

Collaborating with M2M Cloud Factory

19 January, 2015

Temporal collaboration at M2M Cloud Factory as continuous integration engineer.

Building a DevOps Culture

A recommended reading: Building a DevOps Culture

2 September, 2014

Review of the book Building a DevOps Culture by Mandi Walls

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