My Ansible repository

21 May, 2015

My personal repository of Ansible Playbooks.

Presentation: Buildbot The Continuous Integration Python framework

Introducing Buildbot at the PyBCN group

19 December, 2014

Introducing Buildbot held in Barcelona Python User Group

Full Stack developer

Full stack developer

25 November, 2014

What is a full stack developer? What skills should have?

Buildbot configuration

Buildbot configuration

17 November, 2014

Instructional videos of basic setup Buildbot: The continuous integration Python framework

Certificado Agilidad y Lean

Agile and Lean – Completed course

13 November, 2014

Successfully completed the online course – Agile and Lean. Managing projects and business for the 21st Century (3rd. Edition)

Django over Vagrant

Setting up a Django environment over Vagrant

4 November, 2014

First steps on setting up a development stack: Django, Python, MySQL and Apache.


Installing Builbot on Ubuntu

24 October, 2014

Video tutorial: Installing Buildbot, the continuous integration Python framework.

Run and read

Run and read

8 October, 2014

What to do while walking or running?

Vagrant LAMP

Vagrant LAMP server

22 September, 2014

Setting up a LAMP server using BASH in our Vagrant Box


Introducing Vagrant

8 September, 2014

Basic introduction to Vagrant and its use for reproducing portable and shareable development environments.

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