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Teaching DevOps in the Accenture DevOps Academy

4 January, 2016

Since December 2015 I am proud to be part of the Accenture DevOps Academy teacher staff. I am happy to see so many people from different Accenture offices and different projects. We share our knowledge and experience with interesting discussions and points of view.

Course is composed of two full days of theoretical and practical material. We are two teachers per class in order to spread the DevOps concept in a better and immersed way.

Teaching DevOps concepts and tools syllabus:
1. Tools and Continuous Delivery, Core concepts, Delivering Services on the Cloud, Software Configuration Management, Continuous Integration & Code Quality.
2. Environments: Configuration Management, Containers, Platform Applications & Operations.

I hope that the course contents is of interesting for the participants and that they can freely use such a large set of tools and a better working culture.

From here I want to thank Accenture for the opportunity offered me to join this professional team of DevOps.

Sesión 2015.03

Sesión 2015.03

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    1. Comment
      Hi guys,

      I just wanted to thank you for your very professional and valuable DevOpsAcademy training I was able to attend before Christmas. In my opinion it was the best internal educational training I have attended with Accenture. As I already took our project from continuous integration to continuous deployment, I now also know what is missing and I will focus more on getting those missing pieces done in the future. You know like shaping the mindset or philosophy of projects.

      Thank you very much guys,
      Christian Winning

    2. Luis Cebrian says:

      The course was great. Really interesting, too many things to learn just for 2 days but it was useful in order to have a general PoV.

      Well drived by the faculties, mainly Carles, who completed the slides with many personal experiences.

      Regards, Luis Cebrian.

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