My Ansible repository

21 May, 2015

I created my own personal repository of Ansible Playbooks to help me process automatically those boring manual steps I keep doing when provisioning systems for my projects. It is a repository I will keep updating the more I get into provisioning projects.

The present roles are:

  • ansible: Install full Ansible server environment.
  • base: Install basic packages into a new Ubuntu server.
  • clean: Cleans a Ubuntu previous to export.
  • docker: Install full Docker environment.
  • elasticsearch: Install basic Elasticsearch.
  • hyperv: Install Hyper-V in a Windows machine and, through PowerShell commands, its possible to manage images and snapshots.
  • kibana: Install basic Kibana.
  • logstash: Install basic Logstash.
  • nagios: Install a full Nagios monitoring server and publishes the /etc/nagios3 folder into /vagrant for easy access.
  • samba: Install Samba environment and mounts remote folder into system.

Why did I chose Ansible between the other configuration management tools? It is agent less, so I can use it with a SSH or a WinRM port open. Because it is written in Python and it is my prefered programming language; I can “import ansible” in my Python Scripts. There are many official modules out-of-the-box. I can use it from the prompt with ansible-doc and ansible commands. And last, because its formatting is more SysAdmin (me) but less Developer; easy to read, work and understand.

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