Buildbot configuration

Buildbot configuration

17 November, 2014

After several days working with Buildbot, I posted few more videos to complete the series I started on my YouTube channel. I divided this part in the practical videos:

  • 2. Basic configuration by default (master.cfg) – (SPANISH ONLY SORRY)

In this video I explain the basic structure of the configuration file that comes with Buildbot (master.cfg.sample) that includes a practical example project: PyFlakes.

  • 3. The structure of the web results (Web Status) – (SPANISH ONLY SORRY)

Here I comment on the web interface that offers Buildbot Master to interact with the states of our projects.

  • 4. Tips for a structured configuration (config /) – (SPANISH ONLY SORRY)

I believe Buildbot default configuration is impractical by relying on a single file (master.cfg) so here I modularize the configuration file into various files in a config folder. You’ll find my Buildbot Bootstrap repository I talk in my GitHub account.


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