Hospital Saint Martin de Porres (Yaoundé)

Collaborator for the NGO Fundación Recover Hospitals for Africa

24 May, 2014

Last May I was in Cameroon as a collaborator for Fundación Recover Hospitals for Africa. This NGO based in Madrid has several collaborative projects in hospitals around Africa. They quickly and directly contacted me in order to help them as Telecommunications Engineer in its Teleassistance Salud 2.0 project. The Fundación Recover Hospitals for Africa works for the overall development of African hospitals to achieve, accessible and sustainable health care quality. Among the various projects that have on active, they needed me for the Salud 2.0. This project allows sharing medical cases between Foundation collaborators and remote African hospitals. This is possible through a teleassistance web online tool called MedTing. Internet connectivity and MedTing usage was in doubt at all times due to various problems, so they sent me to study its difficulties among four different hospitals in Cameroon. I believe the project is great and the idea of applying my engineering knowledge to help them was a magnet for me.

So I left for Cameroon from the 3rd to the 24th of May. During those days I was in these four hospitals:

  1. Saint Dominique Hospital in Djunang (Bafoussam)
  2. Monavebe Hospital (Sangmelima)
  3. Bikop Health Centre (selva de Mbalmayo)
  4. Saint Martin de Porres Hospital (Yaoundé)

In all hospitals I met groups of very friendly and professional collaborators willing to do anything to help the locals. Without going into detail and generalizing; they had connectivity, usage, performance and culture problems. I was able to give Internet connectivity to all hospitals and also guidelines for its improvement and maintenance. I many cases, not only telecommunications but also electricity and training. It was a very enriching experience that I would like to repeat; either in Cameroon and elsewhere in the world. You can make a donation here to contribute to the project.

I am very grateful to Fundación Recover Hospitals for Africa giving me the opportunity for this unique experience that has enriched me greatly. I hope my report will help not only those hospitals in Cameroon but other hospitals and the MedTing platform.

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    1. Carles says:

      Este proyecto es una muestra de que aún siendo pequeños, se puede hacer algo innovador. Gracias Carles por tu tiempo, tu trabajo y tu entusiasmo.
      Nery Villalobos – Coordinadora de Salud 2.0