Interactive design for all – 2. Device

11 September, 2013

2. Device

Currently the end device that comes to our interactive interface is very varied; from the browser in a portable game console to a high-definition projector, as well as a browser of a digital television. Displaying our content is very important for successful experience and ease user navigation.

I am getting the impression that my words are only addressed to the problem with the display size of our interface but this is not the only case. Interactive interfaces are user experience. We not only interact with a screen, keyboard and mouse, but we now have compass, camera, microphone, … This is why we must brainstorm our interface as a user experience, we must guide the user through our creation.

Each device has its limitations, but this is a list of different interactive elements that we may find:

This list is not complete, it’s just to have an idea of ​​how many possibilities we must contemplate. As technology expands this list of elements is increased and perfected.

Because we are talking about personal devices, we find the barrier of privacy; necessary but inevitable. All computing devices must respect the decision of the user privacy and this includes location, audio, camera, contacts, … The use of these elements allows automatic configuration of the interface, better service and understanding, … That is the purpose of annoying modal boxes asking whether to allow the use of GPS to locate the user in a country and offer languages, tastes, festivals of the place,… Really useful information for maximum user experience.

We must take into account the limitations of each device components; memory, processor, graphics card, … as well as specific limitations in each component. A good example is the rapid growth we have experienced in screen resolutions; from less than 1080px to full HD and the latest retina display. Just remember that the increase in pixel density is also an increase in image file size.

In my next post I will write about interactive and design of the coded interface for a rich and full user experience.

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