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10 December, 2012

Yesterday I attended a web optimization course to improve performance and retention of user clicks through a nice interface but striking. It is an issue closely related to usability, which I wrote a post. I would like to highlight some things that went on the course and accompany this text with the course presentation.

We must bear in mind the target customer in order to catch him. For this, the texts should be direct and eliminate the obvious to the customer, you feel “superior”. For luxury goods website with a client with high purchasing power is much better to write “To enjoy life” that “30% off”.

To have more presence in search engines, remember that search robots crawl the text of the main pages for their search engines so I recommend placing all required text for our products, services, customers, …

According to current statistics, it is advisable to avoid images and lots of text on the forms. In this way the user is not confused.

Similarly, current statistics favor the use of “pressurants” on the web, “there are 3 users interested in this product,” “there are only 3:00:00 for this offer”, …

The “fall” of the home page is the main entry to the web, welcomes us. With “drop” I mean the first web sight before using the mouse or keyboard. So it’s very important to have everything desired in sight. As users use various types of screens that can not control, Google has a tool to display the current usage statistics screens worldwide. In short this tool to integrate Google Analytics.

Then add the presentation of the course:

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