TED motivation

6 January, 2016

List of TED videos that motivate me.

collaboration CSA accenture

Teaching DevOps in the Accenture DevOps Academy

4 January, 2016

DevOps teacher for European Accenture teams

Teaching La Caixa

Teaching DevOps to the Computer Services of La Caixa Bank (SILK)

25 November, 2015

DevOps teacher for Computer Services of La Caixa Bank (SILK)

collaboration tecnocampus

Teaching Git and GitHub at the University of Mataró

9 November, 2015

Teaching university teachers.

git rebase vs git merge

Video demo: “git merge” versus “git rebase”

21 October, 2015

I created this video to show what happens between branches when making “git rebase” and “git merge”.



6 October, 2015

I like to read, learn, create, test, analyze, …


GIT Cheat Sheet

22 September, 2015

GIT tricks summary

Management 3.0

Management 3.0 and Workout courses

15 September, 2015

Attended a course of Management 3.0 & Workout.


Immfly consultancy in Continuous Integration and DevOps

10 September, 2015

Training and consultancy in Continuous Integration and DevOps for Immfly.

Configuration Management - diagram

Tutorial: Configuration Management – Vagrant + Ansible + Jenkins

20 August, 2015

Video tutorial: Ansible Playbook creation process for automatic installation of Jenkins CI on Ubuntu Linux machines. First I make the process on a local machine setting Vagrant then I move it to a remote environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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