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24 May, 2014

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DevOps: acabant el que va començar Agile

Lecture at the FIB Alumni UPC Barcelona

30 April, 2014

Lecture of “DevOps: Finishing what Agile started” at the FIB Alumni of the UPC in Barcelona.


Finished the first edition of the course AGILE IT MANAGEMENT: SCRUM, DEVOPS, LEAN IT

29 April, 2014

Teaching practical DevOps in the course “AGILE IT MANAGEMENT: SCRUM, DevOps, Lean IT” for the UPC School of Barcelona.

eimec home

EIMEC e-commerce

11 January, 2014

Training store specialized in aesthetic medicine.

closed curves 01

Exposed closed curves

8 January, 2014

Closed curves exhibited in private house.


Collaboration with Sysdivision

26 November, 2013

I am collaborating with Sysdivision as project manager.

Back-office product list

Add column to the Prestashop 1.5.4 Product List

20 November, 2013

Expand the functionality of Prestashop product list to display a new column with a default feature.


Taught Git course for CIMNE UPC

13 November, 2013

Git Course for UPC researchers.

From the interview: Google’s CIO on How to Make Your IT Department Great

6 November, 2013

I answered the interview destinated to Google’s CIO.


Interactive design for all – 6. Conclusion

30 October, 2013

Sixth and final article in the series “Interactive design for all”: Context and environment.

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